In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.

AAUW-MA is excited to offer to you a new college student membership initiative funded by AAUW-MA’s Historic Milestone Fund. AAUW-MA will pay for AAUW Student Memberships for up to two students per branch. These students will act as college liaisons to the branch and state by promising to attend in person or virtually at least one branch or state meeting to let us know what issues are of most interest to college students. In return, our chosen students will enjoy a range of AAUW benefits to help them succeed on campus and after graduation and we will be planting the seeds for future membership in AAUW. For more details and to download the forms click on this link: College Student Membership Initiative.

Membership in AAUW is open to a graduate holding an associate or equivalent or a bachelor’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution. Student affiliates are enrolled in an associate’s or a bachelor’s program at an accredited two- or four-year institution.

You may choose several ways to join AAUW depending on what is right for you.


Helpful information for Branch Membership Vice-Presidents

Joining AAUW – Membership Choices

AAUW Branch Membership
Join a Massachusetts branch. By joining as a branch member you will enjoy the fullest participation in AAUW. Check out our Branch Page to find a branch where you work or live. Be part of one of more than 1,000 AAUW branches in every state across the country–even workplace, campus, and on-line branches!
Read about the description and benefit of being an AAUW branch member!

AAUW Individual Membership
If there is not a local branch near you, you can become an individual member. By supporting AAUW you will share in the commitment to speak out on vital social, economic and political issues: Education. Civil Rights. Affirmative action. Reproductive choice. Sex discrimination.

AAUW Member-at-Large Membership with Massachusetts Affiliation
For an additional $15.00 state dues you will be able to participate in AAUW-MA activities and conferences and you will receive a subscription to the BayStater, our AAUW-MA publication

AAUW Student Affiliates
If you are an undergraduate working towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you can get involved on your campus and in your community by becoming an AAUW student affiliate by joining at the branch, state or Association level.

College/University Membership
A college or university may become an institutional member of AAUW, placing it among the pioneers in educational equity.

Read about the description and benefit of being an AAUW member. 

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AAUW Membership Development Programs

    • College Student Membership Initiative offers paid Student memberships to students attending a two- or four-year college program in return for the student informing the branches and AAUW-MA what issues are of importance to college students.
    • The Shape the Future Membership Campaign is a program used to help branches recruit new members by offering reduced membership rates for new or lapsed members to join on the spot during AAUW-sponsored activities. Branches build their member base and earn free memberships to use any way they wish.
    • Supplies of AAUW recruitment brochures, event supplies and AAUW branded merchandise at ShopAAUW,
    • Individual memberships (national affiliation only) are available online if there is not a local branch in the area.  Joining at the state level as well will maximize the membership.

Connect to AAUW at 800-326-AAUW (800-326-2289) from 10 am to 5pm (ET).
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