Public Policy

Advocacy and action for current issues affecting women and girls

Massachusetts residents:  To find out who your representative is or to track a bill in the Massachusetts legislature, use this link.

2017-2019 Public Policy Priorities

    • To support a strong system of public education that promotes gender fairness, equity, and diversity
    • To achieve economic self-sufficiency for all women
    • To guarantee equality, individual rights and social justice for a diverse society

Priorities encompass issues in education, such as breaking through barriers for women and girls in STEM fields; Title IX enforcement, affirmative action, employment, career development and pay equity, dependent care, affordable housing, health care access, and environmental protection.

Among other issues, at the state level, AAUW-MA has supported

    • updated Massachusetts Equal Pay Law that went into effect July 1, 2018 (
    • gender equitable programs for girls with Girls’ Coalition of Greater Boston and girls in technology programs with Girls Inc. of Lynn
    • increased state funding of public education, in alliance with the Campaign for Fair School Finance
    • state funding for programs affecting women’s health and employment in partnership with the MA Commission on the Status of Women
    • gender-neutral insurance policies with the League of Women Voters
    • access to emergency contraception (EC) comprehensive family planning services and reproductive choice, with the MA Coalition for Choice
    • opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage

In addition, local branches have advocated for public policy issues within their communities, often in collaboration with other organizations.

How to Lobby: Information for AAUW-MA Members (PDF)

Public Policy Resources on the Internet